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6 Month Coffee Subscription + FREE Gifts! FREE Month + Coffee Guides!

6 Month Coffee Subscription + FREE Gifts! FREE Month + Coffee Guides!

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6 Months of Coffee!s
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6 Month Coffee Subscription + FREE Gifts!   FREE Month + Coffee Guides!
6 Month Coffee Subscription + FREE Gifts!   FREE Month + Coffee Guides!
6 Month Coffee Subscription + FREE Gifts!   FREE Month + Coffee Guides!
6 Month Coffee Subscription + FREE Gifts!   FREE Month + Coffee Guides!
6 Month Coffee Subscription + FREE Gifts!   FREE Month + Coffee Guides!
6 Month Coffee Subscription + FREE Gifts!   FREE Month + Coffee Guides!

6 Month Coffee Subscription + FREE Gifts!   FREE Month + Coffee Guides!

5 Star Rated by Thousands of Coffee Enthusiasts!

  • 6 Of our Best Sellers - Roasted & Sent Fresh, 1 Style of Standard Ground Coffee per Month for 6 Months!  
  • Roasted the Same Day We Ship - Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • FREE Shipping - Delivered Within 5-7 Days - Each Month!
  • 6 Months of Coffee - Only pay for 5 Months!  FREE MONTH! 
  • BONUS #1:  Maximize Your Coffee Flavor Guide Free Gift #1
  • BONUS #2:  25 Fresh & Delicious Coffee Recipes Free Gift #2
  • Farm Fresh Coffee Guarantee

$29.16 $40 per month + FREE Month of Coffee!


6 Months of Ground Coffee!

House Blend

Month 1

With its nutty and chocolate undertones and a hint of sweetness from the roast, this mic-drop medley of flavors captures the harmony between acidity, aromas, flavor, and body.

Breakfast Blend

Month 2

Made from the high mountain elevations of South America, our breakfast blend is environmentally friendly-washed and sundried and packs a delicate balance of sweet, nutty, and tart. Who says that true joy can't be measured in a cup?

French Vanilla

Month 3

Immerse your senses in the rich, creamy aroma of our French Vanilla coffee. With its smooth, velvety flavor and enticing notes of sweet vanilla, this coffee will transport you to a café in Paris with every sip. Each bean is carefully selected and roasted to perfection, delivering a satisfyingly bold and well-balanced cup.

Italian Dark

Month 4

This is our darkest roast and the blend of boldness and flavor is not for the faint of heart! Slow roasted blend of specialty grade Arabica/Robusta, Italian style.

Donut Shop

Month 5

Luxuriously smooth and pleasantly dreamy, our Donut Shop blend is perfect for those who enjoy a bold morning coffee taste with subtle hints of sweetness that hit the spot. Enjoy this delicious light-medium blend full of cocoa, caramel, toffee, and mild fruits as sweet as a baker's dozen.

Best Sellers Sample Pack

Month 6

Our Best Sellers Sample Packs contain SIX of our most popular roasts so you can sample a wide range of flavors, from the deep chocolate tones of our medium-dark roasts to the subtle fruitiness of our light roasts. Comes with 6, 2oz sample packs of Bali, Peru, 6 Bean, Cowboy, Mexico, and Breakfast Blend

What do our Customers Say?

I heard about Home Brew from a friend . I decided on the Sampler pack because I wanted to try some different blends. They were fresh and smelled delightful . I'll definitely be giving some other blends a try.

Kerry McGuire

Every coffee I have sampled from Home Brew is amazing, I love the variety! The coffee smells amazing and taste even better. I like my medium roasts and theirs are smooth, added bonus the packaging is so smart and I love that they reseal. I am so glad I tried the sampler. The only issue is.... I cannot decide which ones are my favorite.

Naomi Corsi

Definitely delicious! The aroma of the beans smells so good! When we grind the coffee, the aroma fills the house and it smells even better! In fact, when I got home from work, I could still smell the coffee that I grinded this morning. I can't wait to drink more of it! I would definitely support this local company.

Alyson Coe

Roasted Same Day We Ship For Maximum Freshness

Our coffee beans are roasted the same day we ship. By using our proprietary roasting & degassing process and roasting every order by hand in small batches, it allows you to get the full experience of every bean within your order!

Ethically Sourced & Eco-Friendly

Everything we do is focused on long term sustainability and we’ve designed our processes for as minimal impact as possible. We’re actively working towards offsetting our carbon footprint by 2024 to be carbon net neutral, and all of our packaging is fully recyclable & compostable.

Family Owned & Operated For 30+ Years

We’re a family owned & operated business with a specialty in gourmet coffee. We focus on relationships and respect for the farm and farmer and ensure all of our coffee beans are ethically traded. We roast every batch of beans by hand in small batches to ensure premium flavor from every bean.

Free Gift #1: Maximize Your Coffee Flavor Guide ($12)

This bonus guide outlines everything you need to know for maximum flavor from every sip of coffee you take. We’ve done majority of the heavy lifting by roasting your beans in small batches the same day we ship for maximum flavor, and this guide helps you learn the extra methods you can try to find your perfect cup every time.

Free Gift #2: 25 Fresh & Delicious Coffee Recipes ($10)

We make our coffee for enthusiasts who are looking for the best possible coffee experience every single time. It’s why we’ve included 25 easy recipes for a multitude of ways to enjoy your cup of joe!

Farm Fresh Coffee Guaranteed:

Our Farm Fresh Coffee Promise - Ethically sourced, farm fresh coffee is what we stand behind at Home Brew Coffee Co. That’s why we guarantee you’ll notice the difference in freshness the second you open the bag & love the gourmet coffee flavor or we’ll refund you and let you keep the beans. With our proprietary roasting & degassing process, we’re able to roast your coffee the same day it ships for maximum freshness and flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Home Brew Coffee?


All of our coffee is artisan, quality coffee sourced throughout the world!  It's the FRESHEST coffee you'll taste and roasted the day it ships!


Free Shipping when you spend over $79 USD on our store. Not sure if this will fit? No problem, send it back for an exchange until you get the right size.

100% Ethically Sourced

We adhere to fair trade practices with our farming partners. All of our coffee beans are 100% ethically sourced with fair trade practices.

Giving Back to the Community

We proudly donate 10% of all profits to the ARRL, a non-profit protecting the rights of amateur radio operators helping during emergencies & disasters. We also sponsor numerous FREE coffee events.