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House Decaf (Medium Roast)

House Decaf (Medium Roast)


Our house Decaf is our peruvian coffee, hand-selected from the finest Arabica beans grown in the lush, high-altitude regions of Peru.  This coffee is carefully crafted to deliver a rich, bold, and smooth flavor experience with every cup.

 With its subtle hints of salted caramel, citrus, and a touch of sweetness, Peru coffee will transport your taste buds on a journey to the heart of South America.  

Key Features

  • 100% fresh coffee that’s ground the day it’s sent out
  • Save 10% with a "Sip & Save" Coffee Subscription (Cancel Anytime)
  • Grown by Cooperativa Agricola de Servicisios Norandino
  • Roast type: Medium
  • Grind: Standard, Espresso, Whole Bean
  • Size: 12oz, 1lb, 2lb, 5lb, 12lb

Enjoy the rich and toasty flavor of our Peru Power Blend and order yours today!

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