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1 of 7™ - French Press Coffee Pot™ - French Press Coffee Pot

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Enjoy amazing Specialty coffee with your very own French Press Coffee Pot from™.


1. Made of safe and high-quality borosilicate material, no lead, non-toxic, no peculiar smell, no harmful substances, and can withstand the temperature of -20℃~150℃. 

2. High-density 3D filter screen can effectively filter the powder, safe to use. 

3. Thickened filter screen spring, use the filter screen to cling to the pot wall, which not only further improves the filtering effect but also greatly increases the service life, reaching more than 30,000 times.

4. Thickened borosilicate glass, 3mm thick, 100% heat-resistant and explosion-proof, so don't worry about glass bursting.


Color: black 

Material: 304 stainless steel+borosilicate+PP

Capacity: 350ml, 600ml, 1000ml

Temperature: -20℃~150℃

Package Includes:

1x French Press Pot

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